Re: leak in copper plumbing
Posted by EDF on August 18, 2002 at 19:38:38:
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Thanks again. I guess I knew that I would have to tear the wall but was looking for a simple way to make it easier. The walls are wallpapered on both sides and they don't make it any more so it also means rewallpapering one room. Added cost and time. I appreciate your responses. Have a nice day.

: As I pointed out, finding the leak is the hard part, fixing is easy. Apparently you know the leak is in a wall. I'd just tear the entire wall covering off and not try to save any of it. It's just as much work, maybe more, to patch a hole. If it's an outside wall, the insulation is toast anyway and the wall likely has some damage too. I think you just have to get the mindset that this isn't going to be a minor patch job, but replacing sheetrock shouldn't be an overwhelming job. Let's face it, the leak has to be found and fixed. With any luck at all, you'll find the leak in the first wall you tear into.

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