Re: leak in copper plumbing
Posted by EDF on August 18, 2002 at 17:00:29:
In response to Re: leak in copper plumbing
Thanks for the reply. How do I find the leaks since I can not see the pipes without tearing the wall apart? I agree that once the leak is exposed- the repair will be fine. I know how to find a leak in open construction but how do you find it in a wall?

: I'm not convinced those flex pipes are worth much. As far as fixing your leak, the difficulty depends on (a) how many leaks and (b) where are they. Of the two problems, (b) is the critical one. If there's one leak but it's "somewhere in that wall", you might have a chore just finding exactly where it is. Once the leak is exposed, the actual repair isn't rocket science, just cut out and replace the defect. I'd be suspect of a broken joint due to the bridge incident, but there could be other problems too. First step is to find out where leaks are. Only then will you know how much repair is needed.

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