How can I fix our Gerber Flushmates?
Posted by Melissa on August 18, 2002 at 15:55:42:
A few years ago we bought 3 handicapped models of Gerber Flushmate toilets because we wanted
toilets that wouldn't clog so easily, yet would still be low water users.

When they work, these toilets are great, and never clog, but unfortunately they had problems from
the start, with making loud honking noises when you flush them, and having to try 2-3 times to get them
to flush right.

So we contacted Gerber and they said that some parts kits needed to be added & they would send
them to us at no charge. We had a handyman install them. Now one of the toilets is working fine and the
other two are doing the honking and hard flushes again.

Is there any kind of repair manual I can get, that will show me how to keep these toilets in repair?
We can't afford to keep paying a handyman at $35 an hour, to repair these all the time.

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