leak in copper plumbing
Posted by EDF on August 18, 2002 at 10:51:42:
We bought a prefab house 12 years ago. It has all copper plumbing. The upstairs was unfinished. Now we are ready to put in a bathroom and found when we hitch up the water supply to the pre-installed plumbing we have a leak. Don't know if they ever pressured checked it at the factory or something happened when they delivered it ( the roof did hit a bridge on the way here) My question, is there a way to replace the plumbing without tearing out all my finish walls? I heard about new flexable product on tv but don't know anything about it- name, were to get it, is it reliable, etc. This part of the house will be unheated in the winter and we will drain and blow the lines with a compressor. It gets below 0 ( sometimes -20 in our area)

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