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Posted by hj on August 17, 2002 at 19:42:41:
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Volume is a function of pressure. If the pressure is lower, then the volume will also decrease. Check the tank pressure to be certain that the controller is not delivering less pressure than it did.

: We have a well that is 6 years old. It started out at 7.5 gpm. We noticed this year that there is less pressure to run sprinklers etc outside. After doing a flow test we now see we are down to 5 gpm. We occasionally get some sediment in the sinks in the summer when we water. Could we have a blockage somewhere causing the gallons per minute to decrease? Is a sediment filter an essential for a well? When the well was installed we were never told we needed one or any other maintenance that was necessary, Can you adivse? Thanks alot!

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