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Posted by Moiraflint on August 15, 2002 at 20:42:29:
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And the answer is? I face exactly the same problem.
: I stand corrected, thanks for pointing that out to me.

: : First and formost read the question. He has a purchase contract on a house he is buying and wants to know his options relative to the PB pipe in that existing residence. He is the client that you refer to in your erroneous reply.

: :
: : : First and foremost, if you have a contract on a house, are you a STATE LICENSED Contractor? If yes, then you need to be discussing this subject with your Surety Bonding Agent, and Completed Operations Insurance Policy Underwriter, not a free advice to homeowners post page. The issue with poly piping has been brought up many many times in the pages, please see the references this month, and last, and June, and May and April, and March. If you hold the contract on the piping system and attach new piping to existing, you assume liability for the whole house, as well as liability for not having fully educated your client toward the hazards associated with the add-ons. PLEASE be careful! Read up on your craft, PLEASE.

: :
: : : : i have a contract on a house and the well system is poly-b. i ask the owners to have it removed and replaced with c-pvc. what will or why is this piping
: : : : no good? if they don't remove it, should i move on or get credit for the removel of the piping?

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