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Posted by Gary on August 15, 2002 at 18:59:30:
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The drain hose can substain a nasty odor, it is worth replacing, no problem on the 3-hole sink. Run new hose into cabinets and strap it up next to the underside on the counter top, then down into the waste pipes. The waste pipes are all the piping on the in-let side of the p-trap (replace these to, they may be causing the smell) you can find them with a dishwasher tail/nipple intergrated into them.

Hi guys,

: I've got a stinky dishwasher it smells like the sewer! It doesn't have an air gap, so I'm going to install one of those. But the sink is a 3 hole so there is no place to put it... Hmmm. I also thought I would check the sink trap to see if is completely clear. and maybe install a new drain hose. Any thoughts?

: Thanks for sharing your time and experiance! Dan

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