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Posted by hj on August 15, 2002 at 08:47:11:
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Maybe nothing. If you replaced the stems, rather than repaired them, then the new ones could be made of a rapidly expanding brass material and when it gets hot it expands to close off the hot water opening. Then you have to open it further and it expands further, and you keep repeating the process. Or you could have a bad washer that is doing the same thing. It could also be a problem with the way you installed the parts. As you can see, the repair requires someone to be at your house and check the valve for the various possibilities.

: I recently replaced both the hot and cold faucet stems in our shower. Now when I turn on the hot water it flows normal until the hot water starts coming throough and then it slows to a trickle. I turn the handle more and then more watrer comes out but again then slows to a trickle. In order to keep hot water coming through I have to turn it up very high. Both the hot and cold waster handles are also hard to turn. What did I do wrong on the installation?

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