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Posted by hj on August 15, 2002 at 00:41:17:
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That tub has a substantial structure under it and would not flex if an elephant stood in it, (well maybe it would for an elephant). So if yours is moving it would appear that the Americast liner has separated from the substrate. The claim should have nothing to do with you. He should replace it immediately and then he will wait for the reimbursement. But if he has a good relationship with his supplier, they will normally just exchange it without any delay, but that is also not your problem or worry.

: We waited 8 months to have our bathroom redone..I was so happy when it was over..Unfortunatly when I got into the shower the floor of the tub wasn't set properly- it would give a bit..It's an American Standard tub- it's called Americast [sp?} Its like there isn't enough cement under the tub and there are spaces which sink down when my weight is on it..
: According to my contractor I've got a defective tub- he said the fiberglass is separating from something or other..So- he's got to rip out the tub along with the shower doors and tiles surrounding the tub..

: Has anybody ever had a defective tub? Can it be possible? OR am I being fed a line of bs for lousy installation?

: In addition he said he's going to have to get a claim # from AS for the defective tub and that can take up to 4 months...He did say he wouldn't make us wait b/c my partner recently lost her leg and needs this tub for soaking..

: Can I get in touch with American Standard? IT's bad enough to have to go thru this whole tub removal but to have to wait for a claim # seems a bit much..

: Has anybody had any similiar experiences?
: Please drop me a line at
: Thanks
: MJ

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