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Posted by robert on August 14, 2002 at 10:45:25:
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what if I have a substantial trap arm that is connected to the sanitary tee? I was told that the requirement had something to do with the maximum trap arm length that was allowed in the plumbing code, but I cannot find anything to back that up. why is the "S" trap illegal? isn't that the kind of trap that is in the toilet? is there a definitive reference that someone can put me onto? thanks
: If you connect a trap branch with a combination Y-1/8 bend, you create what is called a 3/4 "S" trap. Any "S" trap is illegal. They are different because certain applications require the sweep of the combination fitting.

: : why do some applications require the use of a santiary tee as opposed to a tee wye? I can see they are different but why are they different? when connecting a trap arm to the vertical, you need a sanitary tee and not a tee wye.

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