Re: Toilet Bowl - Water Level
Posted by More on August 14, 2002 at 01:21:22:
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The water in a toilet bowl is static and trapped after a flush, because the toilet is porcelain and non porous. The largest volume of water and waste in a flush is swirled and moved away by gravity weight of water from the tank, and gravity dropped into the sewer line. If your toilet bowl water gets lower and lower within an hour, it is either leaking away into the floor or concrete area, or being drinked by household pets.

: We haven't had anything done to our toilet in years, so no recent repairs that would be causing the problem. After flushing, the water level rises up to where it should be. Time passes (hour or so) and the water level is much lower--lately it has gotten to the point that there is only about an inch of water in the bowl. I don't believe there are any obvious leaks and we are prone to low water pressure (if you flush the toilet and run the sink water at the same time you can see a slight decrease in the flow in the spigot).

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