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First, if you're away from home a lot, is someone else there that is flushing lots of waste down the toilet, and therefore likely to cause a pump failure? Second, is the pump DC voltage or is it plugged into a wall outlet, or hard wired to a circuit breaker and running on 115 volts AC? If it is currently wired 115 Volts AC and you want a battery backup, you'll need an electrician to size the backup batteries, and you'll need an inverter based upon the power consumption of the pump, and you'll probably need a recharging system for the batteries. This is probably more than you are budgeting. If you are away from home, and no one is there, you won't be generating sewage waste and wont need to pump much and therefore wn't need a battery backup. Money better spent might be on a duplicate 115 volt pump that you can replace a failed pump with, or better yet a business card of a LICENSED plumber in the event of failure.

: I away from home a lot and worry about sump pump failture. I'm thinking about installing a battery back up. Can a battery be hook to my pump or do I need to buy another pump? I could use any information you have on battry back ups. Also your option on the workabality of them
: Thank you very much
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