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First, protect your health and safety and sanity.If you know where the crack /hole in the sewer vent is, hire a LICENSED contractor to take twenty photographs to document it, do a VA Certification on what he sees, hire an Industrial Hygenist to take air and surface samples for bacteria, methane, hydrogen sulfide, clorine, and mold spores, cut the section out, install repair couplings, and set a good piece back in place, and photograph the "temporary " repair.Document the air and surface findings through a certified laboratory.

This is a free advice posting board, so understand that you require Paid assistance, legal counsel, health advisories, and crisis counselling. Hydrogen sulfide is a heavier than air gas that is associated with sewage waste decomposition, and can be very harmful and injurious, especially over time. Occupational Safety and health workers are cautioned about the dangers, and thats why they freaked out. Hydrogen sulfide in relatively small amounts gets breathed in through the nostrils and is easily detected as a "rotten egg" smell, but only for about three to six breaths. Then the sulfides collect on the olfactory nerve endings and paralyze them. Then the hydrogen sulfides in concentration are breathed in and heavier than air they settle in the lungs. Thats enough for this free advice posting. Be advised it is serious. If you want more help. e-mail me personally at

: I posted on here once before and got good advice. We got the plumber to come over and he said he wouldn't even do the smoke test because he knew where all of it would come out and that is the hole/crack in our waste pipe. He told us it could be the reason why we are sick. I called the health department and they freaked out and told me to call the fire department and get out of the house???? I called the non-emergency number and explaned the situation. They told us to get out of the house and they would come check it out. Their testing devices detected nothing. I called the plumber back and he stated that what they did not detect was methane gas. He stated that we could still be getting sick from the sewer gas? Can someone explain this too me. The plumber stated it was to bad of a crack/hole to be repaired. It has to be replaced. The crack was there when we bought the house(We didn't know it and the home inspector didn't find it either)Something in the house has made us sick. We thought we had it nailed down to the mold infestation but now we have this added problem. We are going into litigation over this home. Can someone tell me the hazards associated with having this hole in the waste pipe, especially to our health.

: Thank you
: Cindi

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