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Posted by More on August 14, 2002 at 00:30:35:
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You,ve come to the right place! First isolate the point of origin and then the cause of the odor. The ejector pump is normally encased in airtight sump with a vent tube that allows odor and vapors to gravity rise to the roof vent. Trace the pump sump first and see if the inspection cover is open, or the previous "we can't fixit" guys tried to caulk it shut, and did a poor job. If the sump is airtight, look at the vent line. It should not have any place where gas or odor can escape to the furnace cold air return/combustion air makeup area. Sewer gas and odor is heavier than air in cool mornings and humid days since the hydrogen sulfide molecules bind to the vapor droplets, and cause you to smell them as they are concentrated. e-mail me if you need more help.

: We have an ejector pump in the basement bathroom that smells terrible at times. Because the bathroom is adjacent to the furnace room the smell permeates into there as well which then circulates through the house courtesy of the furnace. We've entertained various solutions, but the previous homeowner claims to have consulted three plumbers and all said "nothing can be done." Any suggestions?

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