Re: Gas pipe size
Posted by kevin on August 13, 2002 at 23:29:22:
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The first question to ask is what type of gas are you dealing with? Propane or natural? They run at different pressures and require different sizes. If it is propane: I suggest 1/2 copper at 10psi for the 65' run. then placing a second stage regulator at the pool heater.(Fischer R-522BCF requlator will do fine) The standard piping into a pool heater is 3/4". You will need several gas adapters and pipe fittings. Home depot or Lowes does carry both. If it is natural gas: then you will need to tee into the line down stream of the the nearest point to the heater...with the largest size piping. From that point, maintain that size pipe all the way to the heater. (most residential systems do not require an additional regulator on natural gas...but check with your local supplier as to the operating pressure of the system before doing anything. At 65' with 400,000 BTU the line size on natural gas should be no less than 1" and 1 1/4" would be preferable...If you need any further assistance, you can email,I'll be happy to help

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