Re: most powerful toilet?
Posted by Terry Love on August 13, 2002 at 13:20:25:
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The link below has toilets that may be helpful for Larry and and in the end make Larry's wife happier. Eating tacos is a big responsibility and not everyone is up to it. I'm glad you're willing to do your part by consuming large quantities of tacos. Terry

Larry wants to know what company makes the toilet with the most powerful flush.
: This here is Larry's problem: Larry likes his tacos, very much. Larry eats tacos almost every day. Problem is Larry's toilet isnt powerful enough. Every day, 4 or 5 hours after Larry's tacos, Larry has a log jam goin on in Larry's toilet. Larry's wife, Mrs. Larry is getting pretty upset. Mrs. Larry says "Larry you go replace this here toilet with one thats got a more powerful flush so them logs dont back up Larry's toilet or theres not going to be any more tacos for Larry.
: Larry really needs help finding a toilet that is more powerful.
: Larry, and especially Mrs. Larry really appreciate it.

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