Can't meet the supply line pressure challenge!
Posted by John Warner on August 12, 2002 at 13:42:48:
As a result of the "excellent" rating on this site, I am very interested in the Toto Drake CST744S for my cottage. Since we have a limited capacity in our holding tank, I want a unit that does the job in one flush.

One potential problem however. The water supply system is gravity fed from tanks on the roof and we have no electricity for a pressure system (a gasoline-powered pump pushes the water up a 50 foot cliff to the roof-top tanks).

The Toto units call for a minimum of 8psi on the supply side. I have two old 40 gal hotwater tanks on the roof about 10-12 feet above where the toilet will be so, based on my research, can only provide 4-5 psi.

Is there a different style of water fill valve (aka ball cock) that would work in the Toto that isn't supply-line pressure sensitive?

If the Toto's won't work, is there another brand of toilet with excellent performance that doesn't require 8psi?

Thanks in advance.

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