Retrofit existing 3 handle valve body for Price Pfister tub fixture
Posted by Jackie on August 12, 2002 at 10:30:27:
I had a friend replace my tub fixtures about six months ago. Instead of replacing the valve body (or what I think is called the valve body -the part that connects to the supply lines), he used the existing one. I believe that it is a Gerber type. The new Price Pfister shower diverter stem assembly did not fit into the existing valve body, so he left the existing stem and attached the Price Pfister handle and escutcheon. 6 months later, the grooves at the end of the existing stem that turned the handles are now stripped and I can't turn the shower on and off. Is there a way to retrofit the exisiting valve with a connector or something that will accomodate the correct Price Pfister stem assembly to avoid removing the area surrounding the fixtures AGAIN? I have the Price Pfister tribeca style fixtures (the 4 arm type that look like a star) so using a universal connector at the end of the stem won't work, b/c the handle screws directly into the stem. Any suggestions????? Thanks!