Re: AS Vent Away Gurgles
Posted by Don von on August 11, 2002 at 17:54:25:
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Gurgling has stopped. I let it gurgle for a while and it finally stopped on its own. Took maybe 10 minutes of gurgling to get all of the air out of the system.

: : It is the gray plastic box associated with the vent away. Unfortunately, I have flushed the toilet many times and it doesn't change anything. The gurgling (sounds like bubbles of air being forced through water) starts after the tank is refilled and the water runs continually during the gurgling.

: : There may be two plastic boxes. One for the vent-a-way and one for the fill valve float. If you have both which is causing the noise. If it is the vent-a-way then you may just have to flush the toilet to reset it. If it is the float ball tank, you need to replace the rubber flap on its left side.

: : : I have had one of my AS Vent Away toilets valved off for a while because it was leaking. When I opened the valve today to fill it and begin to search for the leak - it filled the tank and then started gurgling loudly. The plastic box that is part of the vent away system is pulsating in rhythm with the gurgles. What is going on and how to I stop it?

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