Sewage pump not activating automatically.
Posted by Arnie on August 11, 2002 at 11:54:23:
I have an RG-10 Meyers sewage grinder pump, which pumps sewage from a tank underneath my house to a larger pump-out tank up on the cliff.

In the last few weeks the float switch has not been switching on the pump, even though there was sufficent sewage in the tank.

I noticed that the pump was "humming" softly but not turning on. When i unplugged it the "humming" stopped. I plugged it in again, and the "humming" started but the pump did not activate.

My pump has a check valve which prevents the long hose between the tanks from draining, and below the check valve is a loop with a valve to drain the line before freeze up. I opened this valve and the sewage in the line flowed back into the lower tank. I then plugged in the pump, and it started to pump the sewage until the lower tank was empty. The pump also turned itself off in the normal fashion.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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