hot water thru cold spigot!!?
Posted by Robin Archer on August 11, 2002 at 08:17:56:
I have a problem with the hot and cold faucets in our house. When you turn on the cold water, most of the time it runs hot for a period of time (5-30 seconds).
Not warm but HOT water runs out.
I installed a deep sink fixture about the time this started and thinking I screwed somthing up I turned off the hot ware at the wall of the deep sink. This seemed toaffect the time that the hot water thru the cold spigot ran but that may be my imagination.
We also had an additional heating zone added to our furnace about the time it started. Could this have cause the problem?
I have this problem on all sinks in the house to varying degrees.
Appreciate the help.
Robin Archer

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