Strange Noises
Posted by Brace Wallace on August 10, 2002 at 23:48:50:
I have two odd sounds occuring in my house. Both originate from a hall closet where my hot water tank is located.
The first of theses odd sounds is a ticking that starts late at night, after 11pm and is coming from my hot water tank. The ticking begins softly at first, it sounds like a grandfather clock, and reaches a loud crescendo that is carried by the pipes and can be heard clearly throughout the house. The tank is an A.O. Smith model. Any ideas as to what could cause this ticking?

The other noise is coming from the same closet where the water heater is located. There is a device of some kind that is plasterd into the cieling near the hot water tank and chirps loudly about every thirty seconds. At first i thought it might be a fire alarm sensor that needed a new battery. Upon examination however, it is clearly not a fire alarm. The name NUTONE is stamped on the back, no apparent model number. I know NUTONE makes fan vents and hoods but this device does not appear to be a fan motor and what a fan would be doing in a closet is beyond me. The home is about 20 years old and I just purchased it last november. These sounds just started. Any help would be appreciated.

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