DWV system
Posted by Patricia Whitney on August 10, 2002 at 14:51:15:
I am certain based on info from these boards that I have an obstruction in my toilet vent. I found a diagram that you put into a thread that showed how the sink, toilet, and tub vents are joined together within the walls before exitting through the roof. Since my tubs, sinks, and one toilet are operating fine (I have back to back bathrooms), I assume that I may have a blockage in the portion of vent that runs to the toilet with the problem. I have all the symptoms of a vent problem (glurping sound, illusive lazy flush even after replacing the toilet.) My question is this, how does a plumber access the correct line without tearing out the walls? I have already had a plumber here, TWICE, but am now convinced he doesn't know how to fix it, even after I offered the vent as the problem. Frankly I am "plumber shy" after paying the last guy $315.00 for a toilet I likely didn't even need. I have indicated the diagram you previously gave in the optional link URL space below.

Thank you for your assistance. This is a wonderful and well planned website.

Patricia Whitney

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