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Posted by More on August 10, 2002 at 12:43:45:
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Is this a Built in Jacuzzi that is outside and non transportable? or a removable type (portable) If it is outside and uncovered, and you fill it with sand and cap it with concrete, where will the rain water that seeps past the concrete and settles in the sand drain to? Can you hear the news this week about East Nile disease carried by Mosquitoes? Your design will be a BREEDING Ground for bacteria and larvae. If you attempt to fill the jacuzzi without any drain, you are asking for trouble. Your concrete cap would need to extend all the way over the top, be reinforced to prevent cave in if the sand settles, and be sealed to prevent water and destruction from above and below. You're asking for a liability lawesuit. You could damage the bottom to ensure drainage, (photograph the proof) get it inspected, and then fill it with slurry, but you'll still need a domed top that extends all the way over the sides. Check with your Building Inspector who approves abandonment of such things as old pools and septic holding tanks and vaults.

: I've got a customer that wants the old jacuzzi filled with concrete. They never use it and hate cleaning that muck out after a few rains. I was thinking I'd use sand or dirt and 4 inches of concrete on top. Sound good to you guys?

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