Re: Slab Leak Insured By Whom?
Posted by More on August 10, 2002 at 12:28:38:
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Be careful here..This is s FREE advice posting board, you are seeking FOR PROFIT advice, and need Legal Counsel. The damage has already occurred, the plumbing has ruptured, you have performed your Due Diligence, you consulted with Professional Leak detectors who have verified the damage, and you have contacted your insurance underwriter, to whom you have been paying Insurance Premiums, you placed a verbal claim, and have been denied service. The water is still running, it is saturating the earth below the concrete slab, and is endangering the safety and stability of the structure, is likely to saturate the soil around the sewer line, the buried underground gas service, and the buried power service. This is a SERIOUS matter, it affects your family as well as the neighbors, and is also documented as affecting the other neighbors who have made claims. Also affected is the next unsuspecting buyer down the road unaware of the erosion below the slab, as well as the Mortgage Company who holds the unpaid loan, and will be left holding the bag, if you move out. Make your Claim to your Insurance carrier in Writing, send it certified mail, and contact an EXCELLENT Real Estate Attorney. e-mail me privately (not on a free advice board)if this scares you and you need help- at

: Terry,

: We have a slab leak in our dining room. We have already had a leak detection company come out and mark the spot, however, our insurance company is not willing to pay for it. I know this is going around in our neighborhood (4 so far). The problem is that we have no water damage. It is staying under the slab and that is why they won't pay for it. Others down the street had damage in the house and their home was covered. Do you know if this is normally covered by insurance and, if so, how can I fight the insurance? Thanks

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