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Posted by More on August 10, 2002 at 11:45:41:
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You have an obstruction between the toilet itself, inside the house, and the septic tank outside the house. You don't need to add bacteria to the tank monthly, and it is okay to let grease go into the drain, You are suffering a stoppage. When the septic tank was pumped, the pumper should have asked you to verify that there were no stoppages at the time of the pumping, by asking you to flush the toilets one at a time, and utilize the shower, laundry, and sinks. Contact a LICENSED plumber, remove the toilet from the bathroom floor, rotosnake the line from inside the house all the way to the septic tank, and verify that the line is clear. While the toilet is off, verify there are no rubber duckies in the toilet itself. Then replace the toilet and verify again.
By the way, You have looked into the septic tank and verified that it is low enough on water so that the flushing of the toilet will drain into the tank, RIGHT? The problem isn't a saturated disposal field, RIGHT?

: Our home is on a septic system. We use the monthly bacteria powder to help the tank dissolve waste. We have even emptied the tank twice and we are very careful not to put any grease down the sink. But our toilet bowls do not want to flush properly. Water comes down into the bowl but the waste does not go down even though the water is swirling down. We have to pour a bucket of water down the toilet to make waste go down. We open the cap before the tank outside and some water is going down. We have hard water and lime deposits accumulate in water bowls etc. Do you think we need a new toilet bowl or do we need to clear the line to the septic tank? (we did this proceedure 2 times within 12 months because we thought a toy was flushed down this toilet bowl) Please reply to

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