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Posted by More on August 10, 2002 at 11:35:36:
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Legal? The distance is established throughout the Country utilizing differing Codes established by the Department of Building and Safety as they relate to specific applications. Residential Codes differ from Commercial Codes and Fire safety Codes and Americans with Disabilities Act Codes. A skinny teenager weighing 96 pounds can quickly jump off the commode and race outside with shorts around knees during an avalanche much more quickly than can a professional Sumo Wrestler just visiting town for the Renissance Faire this weekend.

Legally, you take matters into your own hands when you restrict egress and ingress to the toilet facilities when you undertake a remodelling project. Check for legal guidelines from your local Department of Building and Safety. Your actions to restrict access to the toilet can come around to bite you when it comes time to sell your lovely home to the next buyer, if you remodelled without benefit of a Permit issued by that Department.

: What is the legal distance required to be left in front of a toilet?

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