kohler pressure toilet leak
Posted by Bob on August 09, 2002 at 20:07:44:
I have a 7yr old kohler pressure-clean toilet that has begun to lose it's pressure. On inspection, I've found water spray coming from the "plunger-post" when the toilet is flushed - this is the valve assembly located in the circular section in the center of the pressure tank. This recessed area also is holding water and I've noticed air(water)escaping from the ring which surrounds the recessed hole where the valve is seated. It appears that there are very small pinlike holes or cracks in this ring, which I believe may be a threaded part to hold the valve in place.? I don't really know of course and the plumbing store where I bought this from was no help. Has anyone had similar problems? Any ideas on locating parts for this product and repair instructions? Thanks for any help.

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