Quick vent odor
Posted by treeboy on August 09, 2002 at 14:38:02:
Lately I have detected odors that I have tracked down to under a bathroom sink. When I look in the vanity I see the S trap. The sink drains good. After the S trap the PVC is connected to a verticle drain and goes down into the vanity's floor. Above the connection it widen into a vent looking thing. Asked at a hardware store and they didn't know what it was but another customer told me it is called a "quick vent".
Looking at this quick vent I notice that it has a flat cap which is just sitting there (it isn't threaded or glued). I can't see into it but I can tell there is a circular plastic seal with feet pointing down.
My question is this. Should that flat cap be glued down with a little adhesive? I checked the other vanity and its vent cap does seem to be glued down.
I appreciate whatever you can tell me!

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