Re: fill valve repair/replacement for an old toilet
Posted by hj on August 08, 2002 at 23:14:03:
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Those numbers are the Sears model so their parts or online service may be able to find the parts. The parts should be the same as a Universal Rundle toilet, but the raised shelf means that it might also be a Briggs or Case. In any case, parts are available for all three, although they are quite pricey.

: I have a one piece (I think that it is referred to as a low-boy) that haas a leaking fill valve. The fill valve is not what I am used to looking at. It is brass (as are all the guts excepting the float) and seems to be mouted on a part of the tank that is elevated, like sort of a shelf. I have tinlered wiht the valuve before,trying to replace the interior of the valve but these repairs haven't lasted, it starts to ruin after a few months. I think that my major problem aside from my plumbing skills is that I can't identify the the maker of the tiolet. The year 1968 is embossed in the porcelin and Sears is the name on the toilet. Obviously Sears doesn't make toilets, I don't think. The Model # is 738 49245. I would love to repair this toilet rather than send it to the dump.

: Can anyone help me out? Does someone make a replacement fill valve? If so, how do i identify the toile to get the proper part(s)?

: Thanks in advance for your help

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