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Posted by Ada on August 08, 2002 at 02:41:48:
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So um no, you don't need to replace anything. Get a smooth wrench and remove the shower head from the shower arm sticking out of the wall. A lot of times and especially in newer homes there will be debris caught inside there. Clean it out, wrap the threds of the shower arm with a little teflon tape and tighten back on. ;P
: You ahve to repair or replace the middle valve.

: : Help!

: : I recently moved into ahouse with a bathroom that has a bathtub/shower combo. It has three individual knobs (two for hot/cold and one to change it from the bath facet to the shower facet). When it is on the bath facet setting it works fine (i.e. not drips, good pressure, etc.), but when I put it on the shower facet setting it only dribbles out of the shower facet (very low pressure) and flows freely out of the bath facet.
: : What do I have to replace?

: : Please help me!!!!!!!

: : Thanks,Zoe

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