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Posted by Jim on August 07, 2002 at 21:25:22:
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: : I have an anti-siphon hose bib that leaks water out of the anti-siphon part when turned on. The bib sticks through a masonary rock wall. My queston is... does every hose bib have threads???? or could I damage or break somthing inside the wall by trying to un-screw it??

: Jack,
: Most likely you will need to cut drywall inside to apply two wrenches, one to the fitting and one to the faucet. Most of the time, the replacement faucet is not the right lenght anyway, meaning some pipe replacement and soldering to make up the difference.
: I have the same problem. The outside hose bib leaks OUT OF THE ANTI-SIPHON part. I removed this and checked it for any visible wear or damage. I did not see any wear or damage, of course I don't know what it should look like normally. Its a cheap plastic spring attached to a rubber washer. Is it possible to replace the anti-siphon part and not the entire hose bib. I had a plumber install the hose bib for me and I think he used cheap parts. I hate plumbers.

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