Re: Soldering copper joints
Posted by Gary Swart on August 07, 2002 at 20:05:29:
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Only a guess, but the only time I've ever had a joint leak was when I forgot the flux, but there are some other possibilities. The joint may not have been hot enough to flow solder completely into the joint, the joint may have moved before it was set. As far as what to do, you will probably have to start over, but you could try to drain the pipe and heat the joint and see if a little more solder would work. Doubt it, but it's easy to try. The pipe has to be completely drained. No water at all or the solder won't melt. If you can't drain it, then you'll have to cut it apart so it will drain and reassemble with new fittings. Sometimes getting all of the water out is a real bxxxh! Once the problem joint is apart and dry, clean the pipe ends and inside of new fittings really well with a wire pipe cleaner and brush or emery cloth. Be sure to flux each joint. I use way more flux than necessary, but it's cheap. When you solder, be sure the joint is heated enough to melt the solder, and that you not melting the solder with the torch. Won't work that way.

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