Re: Instalation of Sump in to 1929 home.
Posted by Terry Love on August 06, 2002 at 13:16:21:
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: Basement floor concrete, Foundation is natural rock and mortor. The problem is as follows. There is no sump in the basement and after a heavy rain I get seapage from the edge of the concrete where it meets the wall. I have a french drain system all around my house that gathers all of the run off and pushes it off to the street. The water is totaly clear so it must be gound water. Question, Can I put a sump pump next to the floor drain to collect the ground water or, do I need to cut the concrete around the perimiter and lay perferated pipe to collect the water and direct it to the pump?

Without seeing the location, it's hard to say.
Many new homes are built without any outside drainage, save for the downspout drains.
It's nice when drain tile in gravel around the outside is installed for for ground water, assuming there is no water carrying layer that pops the water up inside the foundation area.
If there is a "pop-up" of water in the basement, They have had the the floors cut and a drain system installed with gravel, covered with plastic and then repoured with concrete. You could start with the pump near the location of the worst leakage and see if that works. Sometimes you get lucky. Terry

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