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Posted by Gary on August 05, 2002 at 19:31:23:
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Hey JJ,
If the cold works and you got hot elseware in the bathroom, you can elimanite the shower head and the water heater as the problem. You need to find out if your getting pressure the the shower valve itself. Turn the water off to the water heater, take the handle and trim off the hot side of the shower valve, put the "stem"in the open position, using a socket remove stem from the valve which is in the wall cavity,,,now you got an open line from the feed pipe to the valve,,,turn the water on at the heater and see if you got any pressure.
If you have pressure here then the valve is bad you'll need to replace it,,,if no pressure here then you'll need to trace this hot line back and see what's plugging it.

Thank you for responding, Gary. The shower head is an old, old WaterPik. It is a shower only, but there's a tub nearby. The hot & cold in the tub work fine, & the cold in the shower works fine. I did take the head off, & even w/out the head, the hot water is almost nil coming out of the wall pipe. I appreciate your assistance!
: J.J.

: : It would be helpful to no what kind of faucet you have and how old is it,,,how many handles and is there a tub or shower only and does the cold water work ok, if there's no brand name on it then describe it.

: : I received no response from my 1st post - here it is and PLEASE HELP!! Thank you!!
: : : The hot water pressure in my shower is suddenly almost nill. Took the head off, no clogs, & flow is the same that way - just about down to nothing. Could this be a clog in my hot water heater, or what? I'm getting desperate taking all those cold showers! Please help!
: : : Thanks, J. Anderson

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