Toilet Supply Line Pressure
Posted by John Warner on August 05, 2002 at 16:22:40:
I'm very interested in the Toto Drake CST744S for my cottage. Since we have a limited capacity in our holding tank, I want a unit that does the job in one flush. The Toto Drake seems to have excellent reviews on your site.

One potential problem however. The water supply system is gravity fed from tanks on the roof and we have no electricity for a pressure system (a gasoline-powered pump pushes the water up a 50 foot cliff to the roof-top tanks).

The Toto units call for a minimum of 8psi on the supply side. I have two old 40 gal hotwater tanks on the roof about 10-12 feet above where the toilet will be so I don't know if they deliver 8psi?

Why do these toilets need 8psi? Is there a spring-loaded valve in the fill mechanism? Can the spring be replaced with a lighter one?

If the Toto's won't work, is there another brand of toilet with excellent performance that doesn't require 8psi?

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