Using Wirsbo Plastic piping on the 2nd level
Posted by Tim on August 05, 2002 at 08:35:36:

I'm building a house in Wisconsin and my plumber has switched to using Wirsbo plastic tubing for the cold and hot water supply lines on the first floor but suggest using copper for the 2nd floor plumbing due to the chance of failure and having access and obvious damage. I understand the issues of not wanting to use it on the 2nd floor but was looking for a 2nd opinion.

On additional item, I'm using a wood fired hotwater system to heat the house and produce hot water. I need to find a tank that has coils so that I can run the hot water from the furnace thru and produce 'hot water'. How big of a tank do you recommend for 5 people and a hot tub or would you suggest a small gas fired system and a smaller 2nd tank.

thanks much...

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