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The reverse osmosis system forces the incoming water to enter a micron filter which needs to be seated tightly. Then the water which passes through the filter and resides in the supply line needs to remain static against the supply orifice. When threads allow air to leak back into the threads and the static pressure against the orifice backs off, you hear the hammering of that rapid pressure change through the filter and against the inside of the supply tube. The first glass allows that static pressure to rebuild. But then air seeps back into the supply line over time and you again hear the chatter. Ensure the filter is seated tightly. Remove the faucet washer in the supply angle stop or faucet and replace it with new washers to assure tight seal.

: Terry,

: I just finished installing an under the counter Reverse Osmosis system. When I turn on the
: RO faucet, I get a loud noise. It sounds like a motor. There is no motor on the system.
: This noise subsides after the first glass but returns again. What's the problem? Solution?

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