Re: wil soap hurth the toilet? NO PROBLEM
Posted by More on August 05, 2002 at 00:38:37:
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The toilet is ceramic and won't know the difference if you dispose of Drano acid, clorox bleach, Chili jalepenos peppers, half full baby diapers, or his bleach blonde peroxide. Think about it. The soap is in solid block form when you slather it onto yourself in the shower, and it melts and drains away in the water. the shower drain is an inch and a half. In cold water,it dissolves somewhat slower and leaves a soap scum residue film, which is what the tilex attacks when you scrub the shower walls. That drains directly into the toiler sewer pipe, which is four inch diameter..... Keep throwing the little bits of soap into the toilet, and tell him you're cleaning up his act.

: What I really want to know is it will hurt the pipes and clop the pipes if you happen to throw those bar soap remants away. My husband made it sound that we were in for a huge plumbing repair bill by me doing that. I trying to find out if he's right or if I really am stupid about this.

: Thanks

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