Re: Hiding undersink plumbing
Posted by Terre on August 04, 2002 at 17:16:13:
In response to Re: Hiding undersink plumbing
: Unless you buy new kitchen cabinets, I can't think of anyway that you would be able to disguise the plumbing with any degree of reasonably decent appearance. One could whittle some wood that would cover the stuff, but the sink would still be the old style and there's not too much to do with that. You're probably pretty well tapped for cash after purchasing the house, making new cabinets something for the future. In the meantime, you can clean up the exposed pipes or, if they are really ugly, paint or replace them.
Thanks for the quick comeback. I'm talking about an old farm house with wide biard floors. I really don't want to replace the sink (perfectly good)-- I just need space to store things like toilet paper, etc. -- and I find the plumbing under the sink ugly, so was looking ofr a cabinet that would cover that (right now there's an ugly curtain attached by glue to the base of the sink - I figured a custom-made cabinet that fit around the sink would be great. -- Guess not!??

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