Plumbing Plan
Posted by Brian Mears on August 03, 2002 at 18:19:21:
I have posted a picture of the very simplified layout for my bathroom drain plumbing. See it at:

I'm in the planning stages, and at this point I have a pretty basic understanding of what needs to happen for this all to work and meet code. Once I have a better plan, I'll have it approved by the inspector. However, at this point I have some questions. In reference to my picture:

1. Does the vent system work properly as I have it shown?
2. Are back-to-back sinks using a double-tee permitted?
3. I don't show all of the bends which will be necessary to make this work, but is it okay to have two or three bends in the vent lines back to the main stack, and one or two in the main stack?
4. Do I have to keep the main stack vent at the same size pipe (4") or can it be smaller?
5. I've shown an alternate attachment for the tub drain... Is there any reason to do that?
6. Is there a minimum/maximum slope for vent lines?

Any info/suggestions that I haven't asked or shown would be appreciated as well. I'll take all the information I get here and on my own, and redo this layout again. One more thing... I only can have one vent coming out of my roof (for various reasons) so venting each branch individually is not an option.

Thanks... I'm eager for your responses...


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