Use spout diverter in place of shower diverter.
Posted by Walter Missel on August 03, 2002 at 13:03:40:
I have the 3 valve tub/shower arrangement. The diverter valve worked perfectly for 50 years but finally wore out. I replaced it with an identical valve which also worked perfectly for about a week.Then suddenly it would not divert completely, allowing about half the water to the tub and half to the shower. I replaced it again with no improvement.I've tried all the suggestions in your forum and some from two plumbing suppliers and two Plumbers with no results. I don't care to tackle the replacement of the whole assembly at this time so here is my question:
Can I install a tub spout diverter and use it instead of the diverter valve to divert to the shower, using the diverter valve only to shut the water off to the shower ? At present I have installed a shut-off valve on the 1/2 inch pipe after removing the old tub spout.
It works fine but doesn't look all that pretty.
Can you E-mail me a copy of your reply?

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