Re: Anyone have a tankless (on-demand) water heater?
Posted by MHuelskamp on August 02, 2002 at 22:55:30:
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: I am interested in tankless water heaters... can anyone back up manufacturer claims of being able to run two showers at once? If not, what happens? Cold water? No water?

: Any ideas on energy costs for gas? electric?

: Not a lot of information out there besides sales pitch.

: Thanks,
: -Kelly

A friend of mine has a tankless setup in her house, running one in each bath, plus one in the kitchen. She CLAIMS that it is slightly cheaper than when she had the tank waterheater. But to be fair, it is just the two of them, and neither are home during the day.

Hope that this helps out alittle. I'll post tomorrow if I have a chance to speak to her about it.


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