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Posted by Gary on August 01, 2002 at 19:38:35:
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Screw Kohler if this is their position, I've had it with manufacturers that mass produce a decorative fixture and then cannot sell you a repair part, this is dirty politics, and dirty business. You may be able to find a retrofit part made in some third world country, oh geez whoopie, now I got a quality toilet with repair parts made in Thailand or China,,,My supplier swore to me that his American Standard flush valve was the original part, I flipped it over and told him that "Made In China" was not original Am Standard parts... Had a client that was able to get Kohler to replace his pressure assisted toilets, but he had to pay for installation,,,client is very un-happy with the new gravity flush toilet they provided as a replacement and said he's been fighting Kohler for 2 years just to get the new toilets.

I have a K3394 Kohler San Raphael toilet, which is pressure assisted. The gasket on the top of the pressure tank allowing water to leak. Kohler tells me that this means that the cartridge needs to be replaced, but Kohler no longer supplies that part, so I'm out of luck and must buy a new toilet (it's 6 years old). Does anyone know anything about fixing this or finding a new cartridge?

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