Filling in and sealing a cistern
Posted by Tim Hereid on August 01, 2002 at 12:25:14:
I'm trying to find the best material to fill in an unused cistern. It hasn't been used in over 50 years
and is completely dry. It measures approximately 12' deep, 15' across and 5' wide, so it's quite a project.
I've already filled it with six tons of clear stone (gravel), but it's hardly made a dent. The biggest problem
is that the gravel is forming a cone shaped pile at the bottom of the cistern and not spreading out to fill the
edges. It's been suggested that I use a hose to run sand down there. Once it begins piling up I could run
water down to level out the sand. After a few years of filling in extra sand to make up for settling, it was
suggested that I seal off the manhole with concrete. Does this seem reasonable?
Has anyone out there done this before and have some wise advice? Thank you.

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