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Posted by Donita on July 31, 2002 at 23:25:22:
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Think I have figured it out if they make the parts that I need. The washer drains by placing a discharge hose on the end of it and putting that into your sink instead of worrying about connecting pipes, etc.

: Found an external thread adapter but it is too big for spout. Any adapters for that? If there is then the following is a waste of time.

: Why would I attach drain to spout when that is what I want to not do? I have figured out connections from hot water line. Put elbow onto shutoff valve and then connect dishwasher connector hose. I also found a dishwasher drain hose and stuff. I just haven't figured out how to connect to dishwasher and it still be functional.

: : That is the problem. The feeda and drain are in a single unit, and the spout holds the drain in place with the proper air gap. Unless you modify the dishwasher so the drain can be secured in the sink somehow, possibly on the spout the normal way, then you can make a snap-connector for the hot water to a connection under the sink.
: : : Can you attach a portable diswasher to the hot water line under your sink? How and what specific equipment would I use? Is it very hard to do? How would the water drain? I would like to avoid putting so much pressure on the faucet spout and get a more modern spout.

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