Re: wil soap hurth the toilet?
Posted by Gary on July 31, 2002 at 18:46:20:
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Although I can see the negetatives of doing this,,,having soap in the system and the bar hanging on roots or grease existing in the drain and aiding in the clog (roots and grease are the problem soap is a contributing factor), or adding a slimey product into the system where as hair, lint, and foor can cling to,,,or even antibacterial soap killing the bacteria in a septic tank,,,and I have had toilets clogged where the bar of soap got caught in the trapway (it's usually a full size bar)

I feel comfortable saying that flushing small peices of soap down the toilet in a problem free piping system is ok to do.

What I really want to know is it will hurt the pipes and clop the pipes if you happen to throw those bar soap remants away. My husband made it sound that we were in for a huge plumbing repair bill by me doing that. I trying to find out if he's right or if I really am stupid about this.

: Thanks

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