Re: Toto Supreme vs. Ultramax
Posted by Terry Love on July 31, 2002 at 12:03:02:
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: Terry,

: Wonderful web site. We bought a Toto Ultramax based on your reviews, and have been very happy with it. It's now time to buy a second toilet, but we're considering the lower profile Toto Supreme this time. It has the Power Gravity flush rather than G-max. I've read your other messages here and can only see where you've said that the Power Gravity "should be fine" -- do you have a firm comparison? Can other readers add their experiences? I like the sleeker look of the Supreme but I'm not willing to sacrifice performance.

the bowl and trapway are the same, as are the parts in the tank, except for the height of the overflow. The water is timed to release over a slightly longer period of time. I don't have a "hard" number here, you do give up something when you drop the water height.
It works far better than many other toilets on the market, but not as well as it's big brother, the Ultramax.

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