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Posted by Bette on July 30, 2002 at 15:12:11:
You know how rumors get started....We are builders; today one of our plumbers said that he heard there was a class action suit against Toto; that a part is breaking inside the toilet and causing same to flood the house. Have you heard this "rumor" or truth. We have two new Total toilets; one that is one year old and another that is about four months old...We need to purchase many more and although we are more than satisfied with this toilet, we worry if these rumors are true...Please advise. Bette

I haven't heard of any problems or lawsuits. I check with Toto customer servicein California and they hadn't either. 

As far as a part breaking inside the toilet and causing it to flood, I can't even think what part you would be talking about.  There are no internal parts except for standard fittings like fill valves and overflows.  The overflow will drain water from the tank into the bowl, which unless the toilet was left plugged, would just drain away the water.  

I sell hundreds of the Ultramax and Ultimate every year.
So far I haven't heard of any problems except for the normal wear and tear items like, flappers, and the occasional fill valve that needs cleaning or replacement.
All in all, I've been very pleased with how things have been going.
The SoftClose seats are improved over the older ones. Terry


I've installed quite a few Toto's I think the Model No. is 704 (that's the bowl) I noticed the fill valve would frequently become out of adjustment,,,the one with the black plastic wing nut you loosen and adjust the float arm up or down on the serrated edge. you can set it 5/8 below the overflow tube and about a month later the water was flowing over into the tube,,,never heard of this flooding over the tank top...My supplier quite stocking Toto, but I remember them having a different fill valve assembly about 1 1/2 years ago,,,also the original fill valve often needed to be re-tighten and the flush valve nut and handle also re-tightened because they were loose right out of the box,,,I believe all this has been fixed...These were the ones coming out of the Atlanta distribution center

We have another supplier that now carriers the Toto Drake, this thing will flush 8 golf balls and I even witnessed it flush a toothbrush "awesome" and at a responsible price. Gary


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