Re: Shower Diverter Valve-still leaks--Possible ceramic retrofit??
Posted by Richard on July 29, 2002 at 18:22:02:
In response to Re: Shower Diverter Valve-still leaks--Possible ceramic retrofit??
I just has the same problem with a new diverter valve, and much to my suprise, in the instruction sheet, (in very small print)it said that a small amount of leakage was designed into the diverter valve.

: I've been under the assumption that I have a Gerber
: valve and put in replacement seats (5/8-20). The previous "plumber" had slightly cross threaded the
: cold side and now I have a slow drip. After some searching I just ordered the proper size tap and will
: try tuning up the threads.

: 1) Should I use teflon paste and tape, or pipe dope? and tape, etc... what is the best combo?

: 2) if this doesn't work How do I really identify the
: Mfgr?

: 3) I read in one of the posts about using ceramic valves. Is it as easy as removing the seats and installing the new valves??

: By the way... one of the biggest problems us would be plumbers have today is the fact that the good old supply houses are all disappearing... Home Depot doesn't cut it for the good technical answers from the old timers who know what reality is.

: Any help appreciated..

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